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• Published May 29th, 2011 with 34036 plays
• Developer: Sky9 Games

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mouse, movement - W, A, S, D

Fight the cruel wars that took place in times of famous Romans. At the beginning of the game you choose the side you'll fight for. The principle of the game is quite simple, create soldiers and try to destroy the enemy base. You train your fighters for the money you get from your workers. It is very good to create them at the very beginning. In addition, you can upgrade your troops or you can choose which troops to send to the battle.

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Akshat (unregistered) [15:46 Jan 19th, 2024]

Hey! I have a question . How to speed up the things
which key should i press??

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Hello (unregistered) [14:59 Nov 29th, 2023]

Mission while playing as Vercing and Romans spam artillery against us is fekin awful. You have like 0 gold to make units and yet you also have to spend it to that magic shiet that has to protect you from the artillery. And even though Ceasar says he will stop using artillery it fires anyways. The only **** level. The rest is great.

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Fatty320 (unregistered) [21:24 Jan 3rd, 2024]

You have to carefully place your units on the very top of the map and spam both the ice slide ability and neutralization ability, you build up defence in the first 180 seconds by dumping it into base archers

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nohavenameiwant (unregistered) [16:16 Jul 23rd, 2023]

As much as I love this game. once you know about how crazy op archers with range upgrades are, it sorta plays the game by itself. Last mission of the roman campaign is supposed to be crazy difficult with how little income you get and how many of their high tier units are. However, if you just spam max ranged archers they never even touch the halfway point. Then once the roman units come out they barely leave the base.
Id love to have a sequel to this game where they tone down the broken stuff.

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Aarav (unregistered) [03:16 Feb 21st, 2023]

Please make it playable.. this game is my childhoooddd!

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anonymous (unregistered) [18:50 Jan 7th, 2023]

Heard the title song a week ago. Went in search of this nameless game. Finally, I found a part of my childhood. Sadly, it doesn't work as it did in those days of yore.

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puspu (unregistered) [18:50 Nov 13th, 2022]


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anon (unregistered) [04:26 Sep 21st, 2022]

man this game was my childhood.. its sad to see it HARDLY working nowdays

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yesnt (unregistered) [06:24 Jan 21st, 2022]

why is the screen black/white?

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enestorn (unregistered) [18:37 Jan 28th, 2022]

because flash was deleted now games like this don't work and its not possible to play it anymore 😭

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Zack (unregistered) [15:24 Feb 7th, 2022]

Yes, this is very frustrating! My favorite flash was this game and now I can't play it!

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secret (unregistered) [07:57 Apr 1st, 2023]

bro my childhood game i like this for 2 years playing it

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pikes (unregistered) [07:57 Oct 2nd, 2023]

it work now played it, felt like i was 9 again

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Fusruhdah (unregistered) [21:00 Oct 31st, 2023]

Man, i played it today this evening on computer, i finished roman battle with only 1 defeat

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