Sniper Kill

Sniper Kill online game

Sniper Kill

• Published Aug 3rd, 2023 with 12616 plays

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  • Left mouse button shooting
  • Right mouse button aiming
  • Scroll wheel zoom in / out
  • R reload
Welcome to Sniper Kill, the ultimate precision and stealth simulator! Test your sharpshooting skills and tactical prowess with a variety of challenging missions. Customize your loadout from a wide array of powerful long-range rifles to silent snipers for covert operations. Face off against intelligent bots skilled at evasion and counterattacks, making each mission a thrilling challenge. Your accuracy, patience, and quick decision-making will be put to the test.

Dive into diverse missions with unique challenges, from eliminating high-profile targets to rescuing hostages under intense time pressure. Upgrade your skills and equipment as you progress, improving your marksmanship, enhancing stealth capabilities, and unlocking special abilities for an edge in the field. Are you ready to take on this exhilarating challenge?

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szcensyt (unregistered) [09:12 Sep 10th, 2023]

preety good game 🙂 goood😎

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hhfuytft (unregistered) [21:26 Sep 5th, 2023]

this game take forever to load

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Lissss (unregistered) [12:33 Nov 26th, 2023]

Yea it takes a looooooong time to load😡😥😥

The player has no avatar
Lolo (unregistered) [09:02 Aug 18th, 2023]

Pretty good for a browser game

The player has no avatar
gigachad (unregistered) [11:51 Aug 7th, 2023]

low graphics and on the 2nd mission the terrorist wasnt shown

The player has no avatar
Nathan (unregistered) [15:29 Aug 5th, 2023]



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