The Lonesome Shooter

The Lonesome Shooter online game

The Lonesome Shooter

• Published May 15th, 2024 with 2489 plays
• Developer: Hammer Games Studio

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • 1 || 5 change weapon
  • Shift run
  • Spacebar jump
  • P pause
  • R reload
  • E pick up weapon
In the desolate plains of Wyoming, there lived an aged cowboy named Jack. His weathered face bore the marks of a life spent in hard work, and his heart held unwavering love for his only son, Ethan, who had left the ranch to serve in the US Army.
One day, a somber knock on his door shattered his tranquility. A military officer delivered the heart-wrenching news: Ethan had been killed in action. The old cowboy's world crumbled around him, his grief threatening to consume him. Days turned into nights as Jack mourned the loss of his beloved son. But a sense of unease lingered in his mind. Rumors had reached his ears that Ethan's death may not have been as straightforward as the official report claimed.
Jack embarked on a solitary investigation. With the help of a former buddy, he delved into the murky depths of the conflict, seeking answers that had been deliberately concealed. Their search led them to a remote outpost where Ethan had been stationed. As they pieced together fragments of information from reluctant soldiers, a chilling truth emerged. Ethan had not died in battle but had fallen victim to a satanic ritual, a sacrifice at the hands of his own comrades.
Jack vowed to expose the truth and bring justice to his son's memory. He then goes to his son's mission field with the motive of revenge.


  • Intense and exciting shooter gameplay
  • Beautiful environment
  • Entertaining and simple story

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Ranger (unregistered) [22:00 Jun 18th, 2024]

Great game but loading takes some time. Can't wait for the next game

The player has no avatar
shadow_bader1 (unregistered) [08:46 Jun 17th, 2024]

i love the hammer games stuidios games keep it up!!!

The player has no avatar
VOV (unregistered) [16:07 May 22nd, 2024]

Great game.

The player has no avatar
kidkiller69 (unregistered) [19:21 May 20th, 2024]

takes forever to load

The player has no avatar
Car (unregistered) [17:15 May 16th, 2024]

Good game and back story

The player has no avatar
Sal (unregistered) [11:58 May 16th, 2024]

Can we get more quality stuff like this? I'm playing this again!

The player has no avatar
Bobbybbebson (unregistered) [07:00 May 16th, 2024]

sooooooo good😰😰😰😰😰😰😰


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