The Untitled Happiness Project

The Untitled Happiness Project online game

The Untitled Happiness Project

• Published Jan 28th, 2021 with 9289 plays
• Developer: Gametoria

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As a worker for the Happiness corporation you are sent to the Phaseolus town to make two of its inhabitants - Jonathan Perry and Rachel Portland - happy again.
Follow them during their day routine, explore the town and talk with residents to gain information which will help you solve their case and make them happy again.

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ummm (unregistered) [14:51 Jan 29th, 2021]

um why are there random people?

The player has no avatar
kill (unregistered) [14:48 Jan 29th, 2021]

im here to KILL everyone not really but maybe

The player has no avatar
ryan (unregistered) [14:56 Jan 28th, 2021]

i wish you can entiract with other things😢

The player has no avatar
!!!!! (unregistered) [13:57 Jan 28th, 2021]

let us drive cars!!!! and steal carssss and get chased until u exscap

Liam Zeppelin Conda
Liam Zeppelin Conda [17:03 Jan 28th, 2021]

its called "HAPPINESS" not "EVILNESS"

The player has no avatar
Deku (unregistered) [20:08 Feb 3rd, 2021]

Yeah I can’t even play it it’s not even loading

The player has no avatar
Mr.Crondoge (unregistered) [12:50 Jan 28th, 2021]



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