Tomb Raider - Open Lara

Tomb Raider - Open Lara online game

Tomb Raider - Open Lara

• Published Apr 24th, 2017 with 188681 plays

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  • Up
    Left Down Right
  • Spacebar jump
  • E || CTRL action
  • Q || ALT draw weapon
  • 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 change weapon
  • Shift walking
  • R slow motion
  • T fast motion
  • V Change view
  • Mouse camera
  • ALT + ENTER fullscreen
It's a PC port that works in your browser. Many old-school games are being ported onto our web-browsers, so it was only a matter of time till someone does that to this timeless classic. You'll be playing as Lara Croft and you'll have 4 weapons to choose from. Try to solve all the puzzles and to dodge all the traps and wild life. The game won't be easy, but once you get hold of the controls, you will see that it's quite fun.

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Shaun (unregistered) [14:14 Jun 6th, 2024]

How do you jump out the water on this?
Completed This Game Years Ago On The Old Ps1 Good Old Days.

The player has no avatar
eking (unregistered) [14:26 Sep 13th, 2023]

how u move

The player has no avatar
bro (unregistered) [03:44 Jul 3rd, 2023]

bro i cant use my keyboard, or move. i am just looking at that girl from different angles. (not that im complaining lololllllololololol)

The player has no avatar
bob (unregistered) [15:25 Dec 22nd, 2023]


The player has no avatar
Hmm (unregistered) [02:43 Jun 20th, 2023]

It won't let me even use my keyboard.

The player has no avatar
Larry (unregistered) [12:25 Dec 30th, 2022]

How to use keyboard??? I can only looking around with mouse. but keyboard not working 🙁

The player has no avatar
trtr (unregistered) [19:40 May 7th, 2022]

I don't like the game

The player has no avatar
gloss (unregistered) [12:08 Nov 25th, 2021]


The player has no avatar
kat (unregistered) [18:22 Oct 6th, 2021]

i lov the game but wht do you do once you have passed all the tunnel

Gabriel Lawson
Gabriel Lawson [19:04 Oct 2nd, 2021]

TAB is switch weapon

The player has no avatar
shank aka queen (unregistered) [20:54 Jun 20th, 2021]

so lame lol😡😤😁😝😛😃

The player has no avatar
ĜЧ (unregistered) [23:54 Aug 5th, 2021]

Well this is a very old game just because it doesn't have the best graphics doesn't mean it's lame

The player has no avatar
Blackdeath (unregistered) [11:58 May 25th, 2021]

how do u switch weapon?? i cant

The player has no avatar
jewel (unregistered) [21:17 May 19th, 2021]

i like the game but i get stuck alot its hard but fun any tips

Cheyenne Myrick
Cheyenne Myrick [00:33 Feb 19th, 2021]

cool game!

funny picture

Hailey Williams
Hailey Williams [18:59 Feb 13th, 2021]

if you haven't played this game on the ps4 if you have i suggest you play it its so fun on ps4 i did not play this one yet but yeah bye!

The player has no avatar
Joe Hallaway (unregistered) [22:46 Jan 23rd, 2021]

You don't understand, some of you; this is an old game. This is like an antique, you must handle it with care. It came out way before some of you guys were born.

Review: 3254987620538931245098314034/10 would play again


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