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i dont sugarcoat things, i am very blunt about stuff, so beware.......... try not to get offended hehe
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its an inside joke between me and my colleagues at college about Subaru's. 😂

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lmao, yes it was me.

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how's that cringe? lmao

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[funny picture]

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fc is still around? huh, didn't know that, haven't been in that group for a while now. thought they were disbanded by holy chicken, guess not?

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realwow [00:21 Jun 25th, 2020]
funny picture
funny picture
MISTER.NAME$$$ [17:38 Jun 25th, 2020]


realwow [14:41 Sep 6th, 2019]
lmao, shad (or some other kid) still keeps persisting on faking me. 😂
realwow [22:01 Sep 5th, 2019]
hi, im the guy "wow" on the comments. i finally made an account so these kids would quit faking me. 😂😒
Kimenta Jonas
Kimenta Jonas [19:32 Jun 25th, 2020]

hi am new

MISTER.NAME$$$ [17:06 Jun 29th, 2020]

You sure are

MISTER.NAME$$$ [17:06 Jun 29th, 2020]

Welcome to game flair!