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Registration: Dec 13th, 2018
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Welcome! I love Dosbox and quickbasic programming and chatting! I love to help with any tech problems so give me a roar!
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• comment on Forward Assault Remix

If your using a laptop *and* your using the trackpad, it will delay, get a mouse.

• comment on Cartoon Strike

Or just occupied with more things.

• comment on Cartoon Strike

Shad go play outside and find your point in life, and also wow is right about the emoticons, everyone needs to take a Chill pill, and use something called words.

• comment on Cartoon Strike

Because taunting all you is a even better game!

• comment on Cartoon Strike

Life? What Life? He Has No Life!
*Weak haha goes here if I had the time*

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'Nam 1965-1975 online game Retro

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'Nam 1965-1975

GTA Demo online game Retro

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Grand Theft Auto

Battle Royale online game

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Battle Royale

Forward Assault Remix online game

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Forward Assault Remix

Mine Clone online game

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Mine Clone

Fallout 1 online game Retro

89% 112.9k plays

Fallout 1

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [20:06 Jun 4th, 2019]
New Profile Picture Drawn By My Close Friend! Favorite Gift This Year! What do ya'll think?
realwow [22:42 Sep 5th, 2019]

yo wassup

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Ryw [10:54 Nov 25th, 2019]


Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [05:20 Feb 13th, 2019]
New Profile Picture
YT_LcLeviYT [09:34 Mar 25th, 2019]

You seem to be a active member, friend me

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [13:47 Jun 7th, 2019]

Yas I am, because life gets boring after awhile xD

MISTER.NAME$$$ [17:57 May 20th, 2020]

Civilization in 2020

funny picture

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [04:34 Feb 11th, 2019]
Who here has struggled with Self Harm?
Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [16:04 Jan 31st, 2019]
Double post dang it, sorry mate.
Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [00:52 Jan 19th, 2019]
As they always say, "Love Survives It All"
Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [21:05 Jan 18th, 2019]
Rest In Peace Wolf Gibbs, After 34 Years You Deserve Your Chance To Fly,
In Peace.
Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [17:46 Jan 14th, 2019]
What's a good rpg I should buy, paid or free it doesn't matter.
Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [17:55 Dec 27th, 2018]
Just got a Yeti Microphone for VO, I hope a 120 dollar microphone was worth it heh.
Petrozzz [15:47 Jan 6th, 2019]

I'm gay and I'm proud of it! Who is not with us, he is below us!

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Ryw [10:50 Nov 25th, 2019]

Hi everyone

Javan Civil
Javan Civil [21:42 May 17th, 2020]


EbeebiJeebi [19:33 Dec 29th, 2020]

hi javan civil