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Country: United States
Registration: Mar 16th, 2020
Games played: 23
Number of comments: 9
I love animals and books! I love being outside with nature and I love all my friends! If u need help with something, I'm ur girl!
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• comment on Dinosaur Survival Simulator

I like warrior cats!❤️

• comment on Lif Serengetti

u have to nuzzle them to stay

• comment on Lif Serengetti

to find food

• comment on Lif Serengetti

how do u make a mate?

• comment on Wild Wolves

how do u kill the lion in lvl 7?

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Lif Serengetti online game

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Lif Serengetti

Dragons online game

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Hunter 3D online game

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Hunter 3D

Lif online game

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Dragon Simulator Multiplayer online game

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Dragon Simulator Multiplayer

Forest Hunter online game

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Forest Hunter

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Jesswolf [14:24 Mar 16th, 2020]
As my username says, I love wolves. Actually, I love all animals and I also love books. If u need help with animals just ask, my friends call me animal expert at school😋. Hope we can be friends!