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Registration: Apr 30th, 2020
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• comment on Cartoon Strike

sometimes the game glitches and I get -1 health, its kinda cool, accept it shouldn't be possible,

• comment on Five Nights at Freddy's

[funny picture]KILL IT, KILL IT, oh wait its just Freddy

• comment on Cartoon Strike

your right, that is a little unfair, but then again your the one who wanted to continue arguing with me, I would help if I could, sorry you lost your account though, but on the bright side you won the...

• comment on Cartoon Strike

there is no speed,

• comment on Cartoon Strike

Nothing is perfect, no matter what you do there will always be problems, resources that can be used in ways they weren't programmed for, and since the game is no longer being developed, the cheats can...

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Cartoon Strike

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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Andrew Bolen
Andrew Bolen [18:02 Jun 8th, 2021]
I have to delete game flare for now, I'm on a school computer so I can't access game flare unless its downloaded, but unfortunately because its a school computer Iv'e been told I have to delete game flare, but my grandmother says she'll think about getting me a new tablet, so I might be back, goodbye,
Frank Juarez1
Frank Juarez1 [21:51 Jun 8th, 2021]

Ok but if you don’t come back I’ll miss you

BRIANNA JUAREZ [23:22 Jun 8th, 2021]

funny picture

BRIANNA JUAREZ [23:23 Jun 8th, 2021]

funny picture

Liam Zeppelin Conda
Liam Zeppelin Conda [21:08 Jul 13th, 2021]

Seeya soon man,

Andrew Bolen
Andrew Bolen [14:20 May 29th, 2021]
angleQueenUnicorn_cutie~cute [01:24 May 31st, 2021]

oh ok 😲