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where are all the words?

• comment on Office.io

I got 334 days

• comment on Five Nights at Freddy's

*gasp* how dare you

• comment on Clown Nights

All in all, its not that bad. whoever made this is on a good start 👏👏😁

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Goodgame Empire online game

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Goodgame Empire

Business Tycoon online game

79% 10.1k plays

Business Tycoon

City Tycoon online game

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City Tycoon

Office.io online game

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Bitcoin Mining Simulator online game

59% 14.4k plays

Bitcoin Mining Simulator

Pandemic Simulator online game

75% 22.1k plays

Pandemic Simulator

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Purpleguy2.0 [14:53 Apr 16th, 2021]
Hi its purple guy 2.0 cuz toast-obsession-purple-man is a fail. 🙂
Purpleguy2.0 [14:56 Apr 16th, 2021]

As quoting funtime foxy, 'There was never enough room on this stage for the both of us"