City Tycoon

City Tycoon online game

City Tycoon

• Published Oct 31st, 2019 with 22704 plays

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  • Left mouse button interaction
  • Scroll wheel move camera
  • Right mouse button rotate camera
  • W
    A S D
    move on the map

City Tycoon is an online building game where you will be tasked with building up your city. Right at the beginning of the game, you will be able to set up the size of your map. Don’t be a megalomaniac though, it’s better to start small and expand with each play-through. Also, the game might start lagging if your city gets too large. The terrain can be adjusted to your needs. Terrain elevation can also be adjusted. Then, there are some buildings that you might build. You can also build on water. The most important thing is to have a flat terrain base. Don’t forget to build roads connecting the buildings so that cars can drive there. It’s an interesting online game, where you can build up the whole city according to your imagination, so come try it out!

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Aidan420 [09:40 Oct 26th, 2021]

I would LOVE if yall added some new buildings/ options!

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___ (unregistered) [17:07 Sep 18th, 2021]

How do you save?

The player has no avatar
TIOM (unregistered) [14:35 Aug 25th, 2021]


The player has no avatar
Rose (unregistered) [03:49 May 20th, 2021]

How to bulldoze I am not able to do tat

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hz9 (unregistered) [14:55 Mar 16th, 2021]

umm i have writed all that you said.som of you says that this game is stupid but it dosnt look stupid😇😇😇

so you might have dont want to play this game maybe😊

combat online player
combat online player [17:17 Mar 12th, 2021]

its been super long sine i've played thist lol

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otatohead (unregistered) [15:08 Feb 1st, 2021]

I wish i can add trees

The player has no avatar
MEH2331 (unregistered) [23:15 Aug 17th, 2021]


The player has no avatar
gamergirl8 (unregistered) [17:12 Jan 21st, 2021]

i like this😃😍

The player has no avatar
hz9 (unregistered) [12:19 Jan 12th, 2021]

this is a realy good game

Luna the tiger
Luna the tiger [10:31 Dec 14th, 2020]


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Gamer girl (unregistered) [05:15 Feb 16th, 2021]

its not even minecraft

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Leta (unregistered) [09:30 Jul 18th, 2020]

It is a really nice game. It's similar to Minecraft, but it's easier than that.
Everyone should give it a try and build their own small town or just several smaller villages that can be connected by road and bus stops. The bus stops and streets are super important, because the buses go from bus stop to bus stop, that is only possible if there are roads, so build roads and bus stops and rock the game.😎😎😎

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amylee (unregistered) [12:23 Mar 4th, 2021]

i don't like this game at all what do you even do and don't get me started with the trees this game is the worst game ever i wish they didn't even make this game it is horrible and very weird i wish that the game could be deleted for ever and too other people who likes this game is terrible and im sorry i just really don't like this game and for the people that like this game is not a good person i rather play a girl game that is about horses here you go now i told you the truth are you happy because im not and now im done👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

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tron (unregistered) [18:00 Sep 8th, 2021]

is the kid above me 7 or something?

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yeeet boi (unregistered) [03:21 Jun 27th, 2020]

some time is weird and hard but its pretty good👌

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lovely unicorn (unregistered) [12:25 May 31st, 2020]

i looove this game😍😍😍😍😍😍

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Bobthe1 (unregistered) [16:23 Apr 6th, 2020]

why make a stupid game

VSCO_Girl [19:15 Jun 2nd, 2020]

some peple might have woked had on this so stop being mean i see you dont like the game and thats all u should say not by being ude👿

The player has no avatar
Jacquie (unregistered) [16:49 Mar 3rd, 2021]

Bobthe1: You don't even know how to type the correct letters for the word so shut it.

VSCO_Girl: Same to you. 😝😈

The player has no avatar
Bobthe1 (unregistered) [16:22 Apr 6th, 2020]

its impossible!!😡


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