Abandoned Island

Abandoned Island online game

Abandoned Island

• Published Aug 13th, 2016 with 45273 views


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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • E opening items
  • T food
  • H first aid kit
  • G grenade
  • L lock mouse

A ship will drop you on the shores of Canada, where you have to perform different tasks. This online game has a story. It is thus scary game, so get ready for the scary moments. You have a first aid kit, food, or even grenades. It is best when the game is released across the screen because otherwise very often happens that you come outside of the game window with your mouse. Enemy zombies move around you. You need to defeat them at any price. Remember also to improve yourself.

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DoomGuy438 (unregistered) [17:01 Mar 8th, 2020]

this is one of the best games ever played

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jim pickens (unregistered) [17:37 Feb 16th, 2020]

this game is very enjoyable it has some flaws with the hit boxes but it is a free game so I believe with some improvements its game of the year potential not to mention there's voice acting which is rare for games like this

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ashly (unregistered) [13:35 Jan 22nd, 2020]


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ImmortalWitchy (unregistered) [08:05 Sep 25th, 2019]

Overall a really good game. It is very straight forward. It is pretty chill, but i'll admit that there are a couple of times I was surprised. Didn't make it past the cave entrance, mostly because it kept reloading the game, which was kind of annoying. It did load at the last checkpoint when I would go back in though, so that was nice. Overall, it has a couple of bugs, but is a very nice game.

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luki (unregistered) [03:21 May 4th, 2019]

is cool game

cobranp19 [17:23 Apr 6th, 2019]

Could someone tell me where the entrance to the cave is?

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angelo201 (unregistered) [22:36 Mar 23rd, 2019]

Level up! SkILL! Shotgun SIKLL! Zombie ATTACK! Level up [k] SKILL UP gun Zombie ATTACK
good Lock! PLAY NOW

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TeMpTaTiOn (unregistered) [19:43 Dec 29th, 2018]

Not sure what to think of it, loading sucks it's soooooo slow but gameplay is good...😊
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😊 😊 😊 😊

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hasan (unregistered) [00:53 Jun 5th, 2018]

wow i played the game its cool lol 🙂

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Arock21 [13:52 May 17th, 2018]

i found the secret millitary base and it has every single wepons which is 4 wepons for each wepon type/class

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Rk[rocker] (unregistered) [03:57 May 18th, 2018]

its take 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hour load and make this multyplayer plz

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billy231 [12:57 Nov 8th, 2017]

😉 😉 😉 😉

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RDK (unregistered) [15:02 Mar 22nd, 2017]

Mouse Lock not working on iMac Sierra

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gui (unregistered) [08:07 Jan 22nd, 2017]


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oggy (unregistered) [10:02 Dec 24th, 2016]

e is for opening door, items and many other things

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tommy (unregistered) [12:40 Aug 24th, 2019]

how doo yaa git shot guns?

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Davy (unregistered) [15:50 Nov 6th, 2019]

There is one in the barn on the way to the lighthouse the key is in the toilet in the house next to it

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jim pickens (unregistered) [17:39 Feb 16th, 2020]

tthere is one in your uncles toilet which is guarded but its the special shotgun

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johhnny jaker (unregistered) [09:56 Dec 24th, 2016]

why isnt it multiplayer please make a multiplayer games like this and find gun please


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