Bird Flight

Bird Flight online game

Bird Flight

• Published May 30th, 2019 with 10831 views


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  • Mouse movement

Bird Flight is a 3D online game, where you’ll be flying with a bird over beautiful landscapes. Your only objective will be to fly through the rings and to get as far as possible. At the beginning, this might seem very simple, but it will get progressively harder and harder with each level, since your reaction time will have to get slower and slower. Also dodge trees and other obstacles that can take one life away. Try to get the best score you can and overcome your previous high score. You can pick new skins in the menu, so come on, let’s try the game out!

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miloune (unregistered) [14:52 Jan 14th, 2020]

level 10😤😞😞🐭🐭

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daff0384 (unregistered) [23:42 Dec 15th, 2019]

ya this game does **** i would rather like dogs too u know dogs r my fav animal

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johon (unregistered) [21:56 Nov 25th, 2019]

this game sucks i would radder lik a dogs ****

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daff0384 (unregistered) [23:42 Dec 15th, 2019]


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mypoo (unregistered) [04:07 Sep 28th, 2019]


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birds 🦅🦆🐤🐦🕊🦚🐧🐣🐥🦉🦢🦃🐓🦜 (unregistered) [16:41 Sep 13th, 2019]

i love this game

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sara (unregistered) [15:43 Aug 24th, 2019]

ya it is

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Copoper [12:53 Jun 6th, 2019]

this game is a racing game where you have to fly through the rings

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [14:03 Jun 6th, 2019]

Yup Yup!

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