Block Tech : Epic Sandbox

Block Tech : Epic Sandbox online game

Block Tech : Epic Sandbox

• Published Jul 5th, 2019 with 21210 plays

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In this game, you will be assembling cars. You will have all of the different parts available to you and you’ll have the chance of assembling your dream vehicle. You can also put guns on top of your car, like for instance a rocket launcher, a machine gun or even shields. Right at the beginning you can choose from three different modes. The first mode is the arena mode where you’ll be able to try out tricks with your car. The next mode is the derby mode, where you’ll be tasked with beating all of your opponents. The third one is the fighting mode, where you’ll have to fight through the same cars that you’re driving, so you’ll have to show your skills both in driving and in shooting. The game offers quality 3D graphics, so come try it out!

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adanm1 [18:24 Sep 14th, 2023]

it is a good game and once its loaded [with isn't long compared to others] you get a game with fast paced battles and slow paced building that saves.😃😎😁

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111111 (unregistered) [08:40 Aug 6th, 2023]

good game

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111111 (unregistered) [15:29 Mar 5th, 2022]

BAD 🙁😢😢

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zekius (unregistered) [15:45 Jan 28th, 2021]

love it

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DUNK (unregistered) [00:57 Jan 4th, 2021]

UHHH car robots

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colton123 (unregistered) [13:08 Dec 18th, 2020]

it a ok game

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nightwalker7771 (unregistered) [12:43 Dec 18th, 2020]

how do i use the boosters?

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uuuu (unregistered) [12:15 Dec 8th, 2021]


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mad with bad wifi (unregistered) [01:19 Sep 5th, 2020]

why is it a sandbox when its a car game😠

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whyarethesegamescopies (unregistered) [02:37 Mar 13th, 2020]

this is COPIED bc i clearly seen these models originaly made in terratech......

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TRYH3442 (unregistered) [15:21 Feb 23rd, 2020]


The player has no avatar (unregistered) [21:49 Aug 5th, 2019]

nooooooooooo 🙁 🙁 😛

Reply [07:53 Jul 14th, 2019]

Reply [07:53 Jul 14th, 2019]

de best game ever


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