Castle Of Honor


  • W
    A S D
  • Mouse attack
  • Spacebar dodge
  • CTRL guard mode
  • ALT switch target
  • F || G taunts

Castle Of Honor is a great online 3rd person game, where you’ll be controlling one of 7 warriors. The goal is of course to defeat everyone and become a champion. You can play offline against bots, or online against real players. There is a 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 mode. The controls are very similar to a PC game for For Honor. You will focus on a single enemy, who you have to attack from multiple angles. You are also trying to block attacks. You will have to guess what part of your body will get attacked and defend accordingly. It’s a fairly realistic fight, so you will have to focus while playing.

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money (unregistered) [21:03 May 18th, 2020]

this hoe good 😶😯😏👌

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zaiden (unregistered) [07:58 Apr 10th, 2020]

I like your games a lot and can i play the game with you please so we can battle each other in this game I played this game before but i was practicing but i was about to battle so can you battle me please in castle of honor.

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EarlSLeek (unregistered) [11:13 Jan 30th, 2020]


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yeet (unregistered) [06:33 Jan 19th, 2020]

cod lazer

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miloune (unregistered) [10:11 Jan 18th, 2020]

cool cool!!!!!😝😍😍😼🙉


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