Mini Samurai Kurofune



  • Left mouse button attack
  • Scroll wheel secondary attack
  • Right mouse button lock on target
  • W
    A S D
  • E block
  • Q roll
  • P pause
Mini Samurai Kurofune is a story of a samurai who is called up by people from an exploited village. One day, a delegation from America has arrived that wanted to strike a business deal with them. The ruler has rejected this partnership. The Americans then joined forces with the rulers brother Akumo and started a war. Akumo is now the new ruler, but his cruelty is terrifying the village and the locals sent for help to a samurai - you. You’ve accepted and now start your quest to free the innocent folk.


  • Exciting action fighting gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • For fans of hack and slash / Beat em up games
  • Suitable for both female and male players
  • For fans of samurai and ninja games
  • Beautiful environment

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Kurofune Samurai online game

92% 7.0k plays

Kurofune Samurai


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AJR (unregistered) [01:27 Oct 11th, 2023]

good when it finally loads

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rayyis (unregistered) [07:38 Aug 18th, 2023]

a good game

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rayyis (unregistered) [07:37 Aug 18th, 2023]


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Liam (unregistered) [23:33 Apr 12th, 2023]

Best samurai browser game,

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LAUGH (unregistered) [15:03 Dec 4th, 2022]

I fell in the stupid void

The player has no avatar
EpicGamer98 (unregistered) [06:09 Jan 31st, 2023]


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