Champions 2 Euro 2008

Champions 2 Euro 2008 online game

Champions 2 Euro 2008

• Published May 29th, 2010 with 12570 plays

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movement: arrows, recordings - X, shooting - C

Four groups. Sixteen teams. Win all the football games and become a champion.

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Nate (unregistered) [14:57 Jan 16th, 2023]

I love the game. Very smart with a 3v3. I would also love it if at like 30 or 35 in the second half, the goalie would become like the other 3 players, so that the losing team would have an extra player, but have an empty net. That update should be for the losing team. Also, can you please make a game just like this, with the new feature, but as a world cup with 32 or 64 teams from all world countries? American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries can qualify for the 32 or 64 teams. Overall, 8.5-10 stars. Please include the new updates!!


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