Commando Assault

Commando Assault online game

Commando Assault

• Published Jan 28th, 2024 with 1311 plays

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Q || E change weapon
  • Spacebar dispatch troops
  • S jump down
  • P pause
An exhilarating action game Commando Assault awaits you! Your mission: obliterate enemy bases alongside your trusty commando character and allies. Picture this: colossal turrets, known as barbettes, line each floor, relentlessly firing at foes. But beware—the bases, both yours and the enemy's, can retaliate. As you ascend levels, brace for more floors and formidable adversaries, including menacing bosses.

Earn points (in the form of currency) by vanquishing enemies. The tougher the foe, the heftier the reward. And here's the twist, your hard-earned cash fuels reinforcements. Call in allies to fortify your position against the enemy onslaught. The more you invest, the mightier the units at your disposal. Each ally mirrors an enemy counterpart, ensuring a strategic balance.

Need a boost? Grab food to replenish health, or snag ammo boxes to reload your weapon—whether it's the one you're wielding or the next in line. Dive into Commando Assault and conquer the battlefield! 🚀🔥

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