Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker online game

Cookie Clicker

• Published Jul 10th, 2023 with 3339 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
🍪 Cookie Clicker is an exciting clicker game that welcomes you to a captivating world. In this game, your ultimate objective is to claim the title of the Cookie King, ruling over a realm of delectable delights.

With each click, you progress closer to the coveted crown, wielding your finger as the mighty scepter of this cookie universe. Your mission entails constructing a towering mountain of scrumptious treats, as you immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of "Cookie Clicker."


Embark on this adventure and transform yourself from a humble clicker into a regal Cookie King. Enhance your dominion by upgrading your kingdom and unlocking an array of new cookie varieties and upgrades, all attained through every click you make.
Discover the vast expanse of your kingdom, expanding your cookie empire with every level reached. Ascend to the esteemed position of the Cookie King, adorned with your majestic crown, and rule over your realm with an iron grip, exemplifying the power of your Chocolate Crushed Fist!

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spacewingcadet2 (unregistered) [11:48 Aug 9th, 2023]

dude i love this game i thought it was going to be lame

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Kitty (unregistered) [01:11 Jul 19th, 2023]

I remembered a cookie clinker climate change

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Amy (unregistered) [05:44 Jul 11th, 2023]

there is a hack way but i dont want you guys to cheat

AmyNijs [07:18 Jul 27th, 2023]

i know the hack way too

The player has no avatar
Amy (unregistered) [22:09 Aug 24th, 2023]

Pls tell

The player has no avatar
astro (unregistered) [19:26 Oct 26th, 2023]

ya tell plz

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