Uphill Rush 9

Uphill Rush 9 online game

Uphill Rush 9

• Published Mar 3rd, 2022 with 3536 plays

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Uphill Rush 9 is yet another great instalment in this popular game series where you won’t be racing solely in vehicles, but mainly on horses. Become a professional drivers and finish 20 different levels in this great game world. You can savor the atmosphere of small western towns where up to 34 horses are waiting for you. You can also pick clothing for your character that will get continuously unlocked. If you like this type of gameplay, be sure to try out all of the other instalments in this series.

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Uphill Rush online game

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Kai (unregistered) [03:14 Apr 4th, 2024]

Might just be my computer, it is old but after level 11 the levels just don't load, it's just nothing for three or four seconds then it says you did the level when you just went in a straight line, is this happening to anyone else?

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Luna228 (unregistered) [23:39 Nov 30th, 2023]


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000 (unregistered) [15:27 Nov 6th, 2023]

To me it seems awfully repetitive. I mean all you do is go faster over the same track you just did. Boring.

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Horse_Lover_Number_1 (unregistered) [17:03 Mar 2nd, 2023]

I killed my horse by fliping or going to fast 18 times!😥

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Hello (unregistered) [19:17 Feb 10th, 2023]

I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!! I don't really care if it's not the way you ride a horse to me it's still fun and that's all the people can do so i'ts good. we all can have opinions so your opinions are fine too.👍😁

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eli (unregistered) [18:41 Dec 5th, 2022]

be qwiet people this game is fun

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felix01 (unregistered) [02:43 Aug 15th, 2022]

this game isnt even good👳

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1234 (unregistered) [09:22 Mar 4th, 2022]


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44srr (unregistered) [02:31 Aug 11th, 2022]

totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Boots (unregistered) [17:07 Mar 2nd, 2023]

Stop Complaing it is Asome

The player has no avatar
Rapidash938 (unregistered) [08:44 Mar 3rd, 2022]

Ok what the freaking heck


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