CrazySteve online game

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  • Mouse movement
  • Left mouse button attack
  • Right mouse button speed up
  • 1 || 2 change weapon
  • E pick up
  • F saddle an animal
  • Spacebar hold to stop
  • chat
Embark on an exhilarating gaming experience with, featuring the beloved character Steve from Minecraft. Join Steve in his blasting showdown where players vie for the coveted title of competition king. Maneuver across the dynamic map, strategically collecting red bombs to craft TNT and blue crystals to expand your size. Plant up to 6 bombs at a time, directing them in any desired direction.

Exercise caution as you navigate through the frenzy, evading your bombs while strategically eliminating rival players. Other various weapons are also available here, such as a sword or a bow and arrow.

How colossal can you grow? Will you ascend to become the towering Steve and secure victory as the ultimate champion of the blasting tournament? Dive into now and witness the explosive thrill of this action-packed multiplayer adventure!" Gameplay

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devboom (unregistered) [02:16 Jan 24th, 2024]

this game is kinda good i guess give me your thoughts


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