Dragon Joust

Dragon Joust online game

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  • Mouse movement
  • Left mouse button flying
In Dragon Joust, players battle against fierce flying dragons in a multiplayer melee fighting game. The goal is to collect loot before your opponents do. To succeed, you must use your wings to move around the environment and wield your spear with precision. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter increasingly powerful dragons that you'll need to defeat in order to claim the treasure. It's a thrilling game that will test your skills and determination. Become the best fighter and get to the top of the leaderboard.

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matteo94green [21:58 Oct 9th, 2023]

This is the case of a gaming studio which cheats on the players and that's exactly why players deserted it. The worst aspect among many is that they delete records in games whose ranking is based on records. I have a fair world total record of 1943 points in the game "Dragon Joust" (formerly called "Headless.gg"😉, it was deleted. There are 3 rankings: hourly, daily and yearly ranking, every record in yearly ranking should last a year, they deleted it long before that, now there are much lower records than the one I scored. In addition to this, before and even more now they put lags and strange physics always in strategic moments so to make the character be hit (which means end of game session and streak interruption). Today I did a daily record with my name "matteo94green" and they deleted it from scoreboard too. Good when I did the total record I also shared a video of it to world and I saved pics, otherwise I could not go seeing it anymore. So they wanna put on the ranking what or who they wish, result? The game is about "dead" and a few players still play it. Shell Shockers game became a laggy horror, it was nice before, that was also pretty abandoned compared to the initial outspring, it's also frequented by cheaters. There is a game set in a fantasy future which is a total lag and then other minor games/mini games you would be tired to play in 5 minutes and never had a chance. Professionality? 1 star of 5? That's 0 stars in practical sense. They will never be a successful nor famous studio.

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Bro (unregistered) [21:32 Mar 6th, 2023]

Man 👿 all I got to say. For the bots to be able to kill you ez. I mean like my best 174 streak and i loose it all.


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