Dragon Simulator 3D



  • W
    A S D
  • Mouse attack
  • Q take off / landing
  • Spacebar jump / fly up
  • Shift acceleration
  • C fly down
  • H hide interface
  • L mouse lock
🐉 Dragon Simulator is a well made 3D online game that you can also play on your mobile phone. Right at the start of the game, you will be able to pick from different types of dragons. You can also change their gender. Right at the start, the game will explain all there is about controls and after that, you find yourself in your home. Your objective will be to complete different missions. One of these will ask you to scout different areas, destroy dangerous creatures or attacking a village full of people. Some will try to fight you, but they won’t have much of a chance against a dragon. The coins you earn can be used to buy numerous upgrades that will grant you greater speed or strength. If you manage to reach level 4, you can start a family. The game is offering you a lot of options, so don’t forget to try them all out!


  • 4 different elements of your dragons
  • many different quests and enemies
  • large open 3D world
  • the ability to improve the various abilities of your dragon
  • possibility to start a family
  • day and night cycle

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your mom (unregistered) [10:26 Nov 24th, 2019]

this game is amazing its like tiger simulator😍

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Galaxy Tulips (unregistered) [09:28 Oct 25th, 2020]

tigers can't breath fire,ice,mint,wind.they either can't fly cuz they don't have wings❄🔥🍀⚡

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snipper99 (unregistered) [08:35 Nov 24th, 2019]

whaz up people😝😁


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