Forward Assault Remix

Forward Assault Remix online game

Forward Assault Remix

• Published Dec 9th, 2019 with 183311 plays
• Developer: Blayze Games

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • E pick up weapons
  • Q throw weapons
  • R reload
  • B buy menu / plant the bomb
  • G grenades
  • F switch grenades
  • T chat
  • Shift crouch
  • P pause
Forward Assault Remix is a good 3D shooter game by the developers of Bullet Force. As in every other action game, you will be fighting in teams and your objective will be to neutralize enemy players and get as many points as possible. At the beginning, you will only have a gun at your disposal, so try to earn enough money by killing your enemies. Thanks to that, you will be able to buy new weapons. You will be able to choose from among 4 game modes and to even play on servers, here your score will be counted and where you can play against players from all around the world.
The game offers 3D graphics and realistic gameplay similar to that of Counter-Strike. It’s very important to play as a team, else you are going to lose.

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AaronTipton [21:17 Apr 12th, 2024]

then do something about ur internet

The player has no avatar
gocu (unregistered) [15:14 Apr 5th, 2024]

loading tooo longg

The player has no avatar
killerdeath (unregistered) [08:58 Feb 26th, 2024]

come on u betta fix this game the loading takes about 10 minutes of our time

The player has no avatar
some (unregistered) [19:07 Feb 22nd, 2024]

pretty good game

The player has no avatar
IrishToad (unregistered) [21:27 Feb 14th, 2024]

This game is TERRIBLE! It took about 1 hour to load and once it did, IT WOULDN'T LET ME PLAY ANY MATCHES!! I would try to join a match and when I did, IT IMMEDIATELY CLOSED OUT THE MATCH! If you don't fix this, your going to lose A LOT of your players!

The player has no avatar
Twcd (unregistered) [13:37 Feb 10th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
IrishToad (unregistered) [23:36 Feb 9th, 2024]

How does it take SOO LONG to load up. Its an ok game but the amount of hackers and the extreme long time to load up is terrible.

The player has no avatar
Moky (unregistered) [18:21 Feb 8th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
Nerd (unregistered) [13:35 Jan 14th, 2024]

I think this game is actually pretty good. I can even play on an ipad! That’s impressive.

The player has no avatar
vapix (unregistered) [16:04 Nov 28th, 2023]

this game is so lagay in so bad my game crast mid game ranked of master4

The player has no avatar
Nerd (unregistered) [13:36 Jan 14th, 2024]

Really? Not for me

The player has no avatar
IrishToad (unregistered) [10:30 Oct 22nd, 2023]

Loading time is AWFUL! Half the time it doesn't load at all!

The player has no avatar
Sigmarule (unregistered) [07:43 Oct 13th, 2023]

1% per 7 minutes for loading time

The player has no avatar
KILLER (unregistered) [14:38 Jan 28th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
HAPPYBLUE (unregistered) [00:38 Sep 19th, 2023]

Facing loading issue, click join but can't enter room to play , already 2weeks , any one facing ?😰

The player has no avatar
rayaneelabouie (unregistered) [21:40 Oct 8th, 2023]

yeah same my man. stay sigma brother

The player has no avatar
dirty (unregistered) [23:12 Sep 5th, 2023]

yo am new to the game i am pretty decent 1v1 dirty😤

The player has no avatar
bruh (unregistered) [13:21 Aug 29th, 2023]

this thing sucks all the bots are sniping and camping

The player has no avatar
bruh (unregistered) [17:57 Jan 26th, 2024]

skill issue

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