Golf Hunting 3D

Golf Hunting 3D online game

Golf Hunting 3D

• Published Dec 5th, 2020 with 13743 plays

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  • Mouse shooting
  • R reload

Golf Hunting 3D is an online game where you'll be playing as a hunter. Your objective will be to shoot down the incoming ducks. They will be coming at you in waves. Try to shoot as accurately as you can, so that they don’t fly off. It's also important to shoot them in such a way that they fall down a golfing hole, which isn’t all that easy. As you continue, you will be able to improve your weapon, which will get stronger and more capable of eviscerating your targets. Will you be able to finish all of the levels? Good luck!

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killcode (unregistered) [18:05 Apr 18th, 2022]

i love most shooter games and when i leave a rating that is often a bad thing the reload is too slow and the physics are sooo far off it is sad. not to mention the fact u pass 5-6 levels and still arnt able to get the level 2 gun i rate this game a 1 out of 1000

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sun wolf (unregistered) [14:40 Sep 13th, 2021]

AROWWWWWWWWWWW im sun wolf🐺🌄

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iconiks (unregistered) [09:03 Apr 16th, 2021]

man its good but how upgrade gun

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Big dick (unregistered) [20:07 Apr 1st, 2021]

How long dose it take to load

tia rich
tia rich [20:35 Mar 15th, 2021]

its not that bad

funny picture

cool rick
cool rick [13:10 Feb 12th, 2021]

funny picture
its good👿

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epicgamer (unregistered) [16:44 Dec 25th, 2020]

this is horible

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amoung us (unregistered) [09:32 Dec 9th, 2020]

this is so bad

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this man (unregistered) [19:30 Dec 6th, 2020]

it ok

King of Kings
King of Kings [12:52 Dec 5th, 2020]

how do u upgrade your gun

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nyaos (unregistered) [10:31 Mar 24th, 2023]

You have to shoot down those ducks and let them fall into the golf hole.
Each game you have to let 5 ducks hole in.
After cleared a game, up arrow button will show up, if you push the button, you can upgrade your gun.
You have to clear 5 games in a row, in order to proceed next level.
Difficult game.

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Gamer girl (unregistered) [06:07 Dec 5th, 2020]

its cool


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