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• Published Dec 28th, 2008 with 46131 plays

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movement: arrow keys, attack - A, S, lifting things - A Pause - P

Hobo is a fighting game series that started with the first game of the same name. As the titular character, you wander the streets and start fights using various combo moves, using your low socioeconomic status as a weapon by punching and puking on anyone who crosses your path.
Unlock new combos as you progress through each area and use the environment to your advantage by picking up bins and bottles for battle. The game gets increasingly challenging as you progress, culminating in a boss finale. You can also increase the difficulty level for a greater challenge. Discover all the revolting moves, including punches, kicks, spits, pukes, and more by playing Hobo now!

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hobo (unregistered) [12:13 May 1st, 2023]

this game sucks

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gmoney (unregistered) [21:28 Jul 28th, 2023]

agreed you should be able to fix your health

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