Hobo 7: Heaven

Hobo 7: Heaven online game

Hobo 7: Heaven

• Published Dec 19th, 2012 with 25972 plays

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movement: arrow keys, attack - A, S, D, W , lifting things- A, pause - P

The seventh and final installment of the Hobo series is here! After defeating Satan in hell, Hobo finds himself in heaven, but he is not welcome there. Prepare for a battle in heaven and help Hobo fight his way through his enemies using his special abilities, including disgusting attack combos such as farting and vomiting. As with previous games in the series, use your arrow keys to navigate Hobo around the map and defeat anyone who stands in your way. Get ready for an epic and hilarious finale to the Hobo series!

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Hobo (unregistered) [16:32 Feb 3rd, 2024]

Bro this is a funny game I love it but FORTNITE is 20x better than this they just need the blood on the ground that would be better.😄😃😀😊😉😍😘😚😚

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hobo (unregistered) [08:21 Dec 14th, 2023]

hobo 7 ez

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hobo (unregistered) [18:06 Dec 6th, 2023]

hobo is the best game ever make more

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Michael (unregistered) [18:34 Jul 24th, 2022]

This a great game

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MARIUS (unregistered) [12:09 Nov 4th, 2023]


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AbsoluteChad (unregistered) [13:31 May 5th, 2022]

this game is goated

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jemuel7890 [09:56 Jun 29th, 2013]

so gross

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selimdinho [16:44 Jun 9th, 2013]

hahha kapot lachen

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J0$3 (/\R|0$ |\/|IGU3| [00:46 Dec 21st, 2012]



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