Jacksmith online game


• Published Sep 28th, 2012 with 748794 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction


Can I play Jacksmith without Flash?

Absolutely! GameFlare offers the opportunity to play Jacksmith directly in your web browser, completely for free and without the need for Flash.

How many warrior clans are there in Jacksmith?

You can team up with 6 unique clans of warriors.

How to get the Mace?

There are 3 places where the maces can be acquired - Alpine Ridge, Evershade Forest, or Wormwood Hollow.

Is it possible to play Jacksmith on mobile?

Although it is an older Flash game, thanks to the Ruffle emulator and simple controls, you can also play on mobile.

Jacksmith is an action crafting game where you play as a skilled blacksmith who creates a vast array of weapons for your brave warriors. Crafting weapons is a completely immersive experience, where you get to choose your ore, mold, melt, pour, construct, and design your weapons, from swords and bows to arrows and axes. However, creating the perfect weapon requires both skill and strategy, and there are some rules you must adhere to, such as creating a sharp sword. Once you've crafted the ideal weapon, it's time to take on battles with your team of warriors, gathering loot and manning cannons, all while working towards defeating the formidable Great Wizard Dudley.
Thanks to the html5 emulator, you can finally play unblocked without Flash. 🤩

Forge Swords for Battle

Embark on an epic journey as Jacksmith, a skilled craftsman who specializes in forging swords for war. Unlike other Flipline games, such as Papa's Scooperia, your task is to create powerful weapons rather than prepare ice cream. Begin by shaping molten copper into formidable swords, employing your hammer to refine their form, and concluding with a handle befitting a true warrior.

Test them in Battles and Collect Loot

Once your soldiers are fully equipped with the weapons you've meticulously crafted, it's time to unleash them into battle. Forge alliances with six different clans of warriors, and together, face the relentless foes. While the battles rage on, your duty includes gathering valuable loot and providing assistance with the cannon. Unlock a vast array of new weapons and gather superior ores and components to continuously enhance your equipment.
In Jacksmith, your path to victory spans across seven enchanting regions as you strive to overcome the malevolent Evil Wizard Dudley. Engage in thrilling encounters and navigate through captivating landscapes, inching closer to your ultimate goal.

Progress and Unlock an Arsenal of Weapons

As you advance through the game, you'll unlock a wide selection of new weapons to forge. From bows and axes to swords and cannons, each item must be meticulously crafted according to specifications. The brave warriors under your command will require increasingly powerful weapons to withstand the challenges that lie ahead. Utilizing higher-quality metals will result in sturdier and more reliable weaponry.

Enhance your Arsenal with Upgrades from Ganders

Make a visit to Ganders, a stylish ostrich who runs a war-centric emporium, to acquire valuable upgrades for the weapons you forge using your gems. After a grueling day of battling and vanquishing beasts, his shop provides the perfect opportunity to invest your hard-earned cash. Discover a plethora of visually appealing handles and other items that offer additional benefits when utilized in combat.


  • Unleash your creativity by customizing the most exquisite weapons.
  • Engage in thrilling battles to gather valuable loot and enhance your arsenal.
  • Embark on a quest to unveil the secret techniques behind crafting over 80 legendary weapons.
  • Battle across 7 enchanting lands.
  • Conquer a vast array of over 130 formidable foes in epic encounters.
  • Achieve greatness as you collect over 80 unique game medals.
  • Expand your crafting possibilities with a staggering selection of over 275 distinct materials to incorporate into your creations.

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bambik (unregistered) [10:35 Apr 27th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
wfs (unregistered) [17:10 Feb 28th, 2024]

it's my favorite game I haven't played this game since I was six and then one more level stopped working😭 so I tried finding it on other game websites and found it and now remember the joy of playing😁😊😀

The player has no avatar
not (unregistered) [07:48 Feb 2nd, 2024]

the game crashes after getting to shild. fix it!

The player has no avatar
Nia (unregistered) [18:05 Dec 13th, 2023]

Does it reload back to the Home Screen, right when there's about to be a battle for anyone else?

The player has no avatar
SpookyPurple [06:37 Nov 18th, 2023]

I'm so happy I haven't played this since forever!!

The player has no avatar
12131231231 (unregistered) [10:33 Nov 4th, 2023]

iuts amazing

The player has no avatar
Wolfman (unregistered) [23:29 Oct 25th, 2023]

Man I love this game it was one of the few I would even play back in elementary this was a childhood favorite of mine I thank you for making it playable again 😁

The player has no avatar
pizza (unregistered) [19:47 Oct 19th, 2023]

love it 😍😄

The player has no avatar
Niga (unregistered) [09:52 Oct 14th, 2023]

Omg I’m so happy haven’t played this game since 2017 literally my child hood

The player has no avatar
Thx (unregistered) [22:19 Sep 27th, 2023]


Definitely would play this over and over again 👍

The player has no avatar
cinnamonrollluver (unregistered) [15:57 Aug 16th, 2023]

i love this game its so fun i also reccmond if you like this game then you will love the papa's ria games😜😄

The player has no avatar
zhi-yang (unregistered) [04:35 Jul 30th, 2023]

i can't make that axe perfect

The player has no avatar
lsdlc (unregistered) [11:06 Sep 17th, 2023]

i cant to

The player has no avatar
james (unregistered) [17:25 Oct 26th, 2023]

make sure you aren't pushing the top part down too far, should be a thick black line in correct placement

The player has no avatar
wektor (unregistered) [15:34 Jun 14th, 2023]

hello magician cool game recommend😎😎😎

The player has no avatar
l2p (unregistered) [00:46 Jun 14th, 2023]

Hey i am trying to load a save file from my computer but i this function seems to not be working? There is no way for me to even try to load the save file. Any ideas?

The player has no avatar
a9g (unregistered) [00:29 Sep 28th, 2023]

sorry mate there is no other way. You're going to have to start again. Best of luck that it wont happen again.

The player has no avatar
Coffe (unregistered) [13:23 Jun 10th, 2023]

omg can't be i found it, this game is literally my childhood!


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