Kawai Run 2

Kawai Run 2 online game

Kawai Run 2

• Published Dec 2nd, 2012 with 81814 plays

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Player 1: movement - arrow keys, Player 2: movement - W, A, S, D

Kawai Run 2 embarks on its second lap, and the victory in one race after another lies in your hands. This thrilling and captivating racing game, Kawai Run, is designed for two players where the most athletic contestant emerges as the triumphant racer. Whether you opt to challenge the computer or engage in online duels against fellow players, the ultimate objective is to prove your swiftness. Accumulate your earnings to acquire trendy attire and various other items.

This game is an absolute gem! Your aim is to conquer every single race. So, what are you waiting for? Guide your super runner through the challenging obstacles to reach the finish line unscathed. Success in sports translates into financial rewards, which can be invested in upgrades, experience points, and unlocking new levels.

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imissthisgamerealbad (unregistered) [20:54 Jun 21st, 2024]

cant let gang know i fw this tho

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imissthegametoo (unregistered) [21:34 Jun 23rd, 2024]

This game needs more recognition, the guy who made this is making steam games i really hope we can bring this game to his attention and we can get a Kawai Run 3, the guy made move or die but WHERE IS KAWAI RUN 3!!!!!!!!!!

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olang (unregistered) [23:10 Jun 14th, 2024]

i've been searching this game for years now. i even forgot the name, but suddenly, there's a side of me that i want to play this again while reminiscing, so i searche stick run then find this. like finally! i found it!

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ABP (unregistered) [10:49 Apr 16th, 2024]

childhood greatest flash game of all time if not atleast top 5 but i did contact one of the owners of this game and he said they tried to bring it back online but i hope one day it will be online again

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Heyo (unregistered) [14:30 Mar 31st, 2024]

This was one of my favorite go to online game growing up!!
I love it to this day!!

The player has no avatar
ABP (unregistered) [10:52 Apr 16th, 2024]

its a shame that Flash got discontinued and took so many online games from us like kawairun 2 but one day the owners will bring it back online again

The player has no avatar
frisk (unregistered) [18:44 Mar 1st, 2024]

I can die peacefully knowing this game again, i remember playing it all day with my brother

The player has no avatar
hamnakhann (unregistered) [18:02 Mar 1st, 2024]

I used to love playing this game so much, it was the highlight of my early teen years! I made so many friends here, I still even remember some of their names. Cody, SnakeGladiator, Flynn something.. I even ended up becoming friends with the creator of the game on Facebook. Miss the game so much.

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omg (unregistered) [14:41 Jan 13th, 2024]

super cool and its unblock

The player has no avatar
wowwy (unregistered) [10:46 Dec 29th, 2023]

very wow

The player has no avatar
martha (unregistered) [20:44 Dec 26th, 2023]

i love this game when i was a kid😄

The player has no avatar
loly (unregistered) [18:43 Mar 27th, 2024]

me too and i love it now too😋

The player has no avatar
ronaldo (unregistered) [06:48 Dec 26th, 2023]

Loading is anoying😶

The player has no avatar
ronaldo (unregistered) [06:47 Dec 26th, 2023]

is this game nice?😐

Malcomix [09:29 Dec 19th, 2023]

yeaaaah boys its back!!!

The player has no avatar
papi (unregistered) [13:24 Dec 1st, 2023]

dawg i miss this game so much that was my whole childhood remember i played this the whole day with my twin

The player has no avatar
kayden_rupes123 (unregistered) [16:23 Dec 14th, 2023]

dude same

The player has no avatar
ihatethisgame (unregistered) [10:19 Dec 27th, 2023]

loads of love from me

The player has no avatar
pig (unregistered) [13:17 Nov 27th, 2023]

best race game

The player has no avatar
Kash (unregistered) [14:50 Nov 11th, 2023]

Dude, same. I remember playing this with my brother all the time in this game.


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