Nascar Circuit

Nascar Circuit online game

Nascar Circuit

• Published Dec 8th, 2017 with 27576 plays

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  • Up
    Left Down Right
  • Spacebar handbrake
  • C rear view
  • F nitro
  • I shutting down the engine
In today's game, you'll be able to enjoy the realistic graphics. If you'll defeat your opponents, you will receive some score points that can be used to buy new vehicles. The game requires a better PC, so not everyone will be able to play it. However the game offers you the option to lover the graphics. So start racing and try to get as far as possible. You can try drifting and racing.

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sonic1 (unregistered) [14:19 Mar 1st, 2024]

just the kingsmans

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UserName (unregistered) [14:13 Nov 18th, 2023]

i like this game because it is cool and it has good gravity physics but this game does not have nascar cars but i like this game😀

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mee (unregistered) [08:52 May 2nd, 2023]

Yo, you gotta make the cars look like real race cars. It's really weird driving a MINIVAN.😒

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nascar (unregistered) [10:27 Dec 8th, 2022]

so cool really should add more tracks

The player has no avatar
MEowle (unregistered) [15:25 Dec 16th, 2021]

Why did they even publish this 😐

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22 chanmpion (unregistered) [10:30 Jun 11th, 2021]

I need help does it take a long time to load or not?

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nascar (unregistered) [12:08 Jan 6th, 2021]

what in to you see

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ItzKatMeows (unregistered) [16:57 Jun 21st, 2020]

Vroooooooooooom Vrooooooom CRASH!! oopsie daisy! hehehehe

uu995 [15:01 May 5th, 2020]

its is a good game

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Jaś (unregistered) [04:43 Mar 7th, 2019]

Nice game. 🙂 :D

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kai (unregistered) [07:26 Mar 14th, 2018]


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zynx (unregistered) [21:06 Jan 3rd, 2018]

There are lots of bugs in this game.
· I can not run DRIFT properly.
· The behavior when a car hits is strange.
· I can not clear 3-2 in the first car.
· Even if you clear up to 3-1 you can not make 20000cr.
· If CIRCUIT lags the CPU, it will not be the first place.
(Limited to stage 7)
· If you clear 7-10, all the behavior of the car will be the same as DRIFT.
· The CPU is fast in the straight line and the corner is slow. Sometimes it hits at the corners and tips over.
· Sometimes the CPU sometimes turns over at the start or is flying.
· My car sometimes turns over at the start.
· When entering the parking lot of stage 2, the car is buried.
· When the car turns over and returns, occasionally slips through the ground.

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khan (unregistered) [00:22 Dec 30th, 2017]

good games

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viewed (unregistered) [13:15 Dec 11th, 2017]

doesn't even work lmao 🙁

Marty [10:09 Dec 12th, 2017]

please update your browser to the latest version

The player has no avatar
enes (unregistered) [11:30 Dec 10th, 2017]



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