Pocket Fighter Nova

Pocket Fighter Nova online game

Pocket Fighter Nova

• Published May 30th, 2010 with 30623 plays

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Player 1 - Movement - W, A, S, D, attack - J, K, a special attack - L / Player 2 - movement - arrow keys, attack - 1, 2, special attack - 3

Even as children, the Street Fighter heroes were dedicated to honing their skills for greater strength. In Pocket Fighter Nova, you can assume the roles of six iconic characters from Capcom's legendary fighting game: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sakura, Morrigan, and Hsien-Ko. Don't be deceived by their youthful appearances; these combatants are seasoned fighters eager to prove their prowess in the arena. Explore each character's journey in the story mode, challenge a friend on the same keyboard in VS mode, and refine your techniques and combos through the training mode.

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Never-BackDown1 (unregistered) [15:19 Dec 27th, 2023]

This Was My Childhood, me and my sister used to always play this back in 2016-2019, I was 4 and she was 6 when we first started we are now 11 and 13 and we played for the first time in ages, its honestly amazing how time flies, I highly recommend it.

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AdrianfromPhilippine (unregistered) [22:51 Oct 26th, 2023]

This is one of my childhood game when i used to go to computer cafe just to play games all day. I miss my old self not worrying about anything, just a kid doing kid things.

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Haina (unregistered) [15:28 Oct 19th, 2023]

Me and my bf played it back when we were kids we are married now

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user (unregistered) [09:07 Sep 3rd, 2023]

please bring it back it's amazing. It reminds me of my childhood

The player has no avatar
user (unregistered) [14:27 Aug 30th, 2023]

Bring back this game

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Just (unregistered) [10:29 Jul 25th, 2023]

I miss this game I played this always when I go to computer shop way back 2011-2016

The player has no avatar
sussylicker (unregistered) [11:17 Apr 20th, 2023]

please fix this game

The player has no avatar
user (unregistered) [05:18 Mar 14th, 2023]

i miss playing this game, i wish i played the game before adobe got removed

The player has no avatar
user (unregistered) [11:59 Feb 2nd, 2023]

pls work on this game it almost works

The player has no avatar
user1254 (unregistered) [12:50 Feb 6th, 2023]

it works sometimes

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gamer08 (unregistered) [11:08 Feb 13th, 2022]

please work on this. I would and so is everyone will appreciate it. I would love top lay my childhood favorite game.
thank you!

The player has no avatar
gabrielglrdola (unregistered) [12:57 May 25th, 2022]

me to

The player has no avatar
gamer (unregistered) [08:37 Jan 27th, 2023]

yh pls do

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