Push Master

Push Master online game

Push Master

• Published Jan 29th, 2024 with 948 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
Embark on a thrilling and lighthearted adventure in Push Master, an addictive hyper-casual game where you become the mischievous maestro of unexpected encounters. Steer unsuspecting individuals onto unsuspecting vehicles, sending them soaring into the air with exhilarating force. Witness the satisfying spectacle of ragdoll physics as our characters tumble and bounce amidst their unconventional journeys. From bustling subways to serene forest railways, explore a diverse range of captivating environments, each offering unique challenges and comedic mishaps. As you master the art of manipulating these hapless individuals, experience a rush of excitement and a tinge of guilty pleasure, all within the confines of this lighthearted game.

Remember, Push Master is a virtual playground where outrageous acts are the only rule. Enjoy the game's simple yet addictive gameplay and revel in the refreshing sensation it provides – just don't try these antics in real life!

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messi123 (unregistered) [14:32 Feb 3rd, 2024]

its kidna good to me


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