Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod online game

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  • Left mouse button action
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • Shift run
  • 1 || 5 change weapon
  • R reload
  • Esc pause
Dive into Garry's Mod, a physics playground fueled by a universe of user-created mods. Craft your own reality on any map with the intuitive spawn menu, conjuring objects, tools, and anything your mind desires. Experiment, explore, and unwind in this vast environment brimming with endless possibilities.

Challenge yourself in three distinct game modes:

Sandbox: Become a creator god, molding the world to your every whim with unlimited power and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal.
Survival: Test your grit against relentless waves of zombies, strategizing and scavenging to stay alive in this heart-pounding test of resilience.
Nextbots: Enter a realm where imagination runs wild. Navigate a world overflowing with unexpected creations, encountering unique challenges and mind-bending oddities at every turn.

With a constantly evolving library of mods and boundless potential for self-expression, Garry's Mod is more than just a game – it's an ever-growing community of creators and explorers, all waiting to welcome you into their extraordinary sandbox. Are you ready to join them?

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TheGoatedGoat (unregistered) [15:49 Feb 22nd, 2024]

it takes soooo long to load..........💀

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ALLY123 (unregistered) [14:51 Feb 18th, 2024]


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ally123 (unregistered) [14:53 Feb 18th, 2024]

And the nightmares too and the toy animatronics💓💓💓

The player has no avatar
2525 (unregistered) [23:59 Feb 17th, 2024]


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JoeyWelch (unregistered) [10:22 Feb 9th, 2024]

so bad lol lol jk its ok but not so good ig its a 6/10

The player has no avatar
wotb (unregistered) [08:19 Feb 8th, 2024]

is the game new

The player has no avatar
memememmemememm (unregistered) [10:37 Feb 9th, 2024]

yep and its bad lol

JoeyWelch [15:59 Feb 6th, 2024]

its ok


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