Raft Royale

Raft Royale online game

Raft Royale

• Published Oct 25th, 2019 with 11457 plays

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  • Mouse movement
Raft Royale is a great multiplayer online game where you will be sailing on the high seas and building your raft. Pick up many different objects floating around you and use them to build up your raft. You might get rewarded by an extra crewman who might be shooting or rowing, which could help you out. Thanks to this, you might get an advantage over your enemies. Beware of the different monsters lurking around the sea. If you get close enough, they will attack. Try to build up the biggest raft around and eliminate all of your enemies so that you get to the top of the score board.

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ayla (unregistered) [08:41 Feb 26th, 2022]

😓 i don't like it

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Bag (unregistered) [07:13 Sep 19th, 2021]

Hi this is kind of odd, there was only 3 people online ☹️

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mocha (unregistered) [22:38 Sep 14th, 2021]

nice game

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scs19255 (unregistered) [01:17 Feb 11th, 2021]

i love

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NO NAME (unregistered) [10:57 Jan 3rd, 2021]


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zoey (unregistered) [15:09 Mar 25th, 2021]

I love the game

Titus Howard
Titus Howard [17:14 Dec 25th, 2020]

funny picture

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FGTEEV shawn (unregistered) [06:39 Nov 28th, 2020]

... the new one

prince25kb@yahoo.com [08:43 Jun 25th, 2020]

it cant let me in 👿👿👿👿👿

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sag master (unregistered) [11:44 Apr 27th, 2020]

what the f.... man😠😡😒😔😐😲

The player has no avatar
cool joe (unregistered) [11:47 Apr 27th, 2020]

man why do you hate this game hhhm😠😡😱😨😫😩

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