Robot wars : Rise of Resistance

Robot wars : Rise of Resistance online game

Robot wars : Rise of Resistance

• Published Jun 24th, 2024 with 1157 plays
• Developer: Hammer Games Studio

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • Shift run
  • R reload
  • E pick up
  • Q roll
  • P pause
In the year 2100, Fifteen years after the devastating Third World War, the once great cities of Earth lay in ruins. Most of the population had been annihilated, and a few thousand numbers of survivors struggled to live. A group of wealthy elites, who had sheltered in their expensive bunkers during the war, emerged and established a colonial government, exploiting the remnants of humanity. They recruited a legion of ruthless mercenary soldiers, enforcing their rule with brutal repression.

A small group of people, want to fight back against the colonialists and restore freedom to the world. They formed a resistance movement and began to gather support from the oppressed people. Among the rebels, a group of engineers and scientists had embarked on a daring project: the creation of a combat robot capable of turning the tide of the conflict. Day and night, they worked tirelessly, pooling their knowledge and resources. The Resistance Coalition embarked on a series of missions to weaken the colonial government's grip on power. Their first objective was to liberate the city of New Hope, a once vibrant metropolis now under the occupation of the enemy's forces.


  • Intense and exciting shooter gameplay
  • Beautiful environment
  • Entertaining and simple story

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Bro (unregistered) [05:16 Jul 5th, 2024]

This game is nostalgic.

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tron (unregistered) [19:18 Jun 29th, 2024]

very good game: mr hammer game studio may you please make on other game

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Jip (unregistered) [14:38 Jun 24th, 2024]

Good game😍

The player has no avatar
MOONE (unregistered) [13:43 Jun 24th, 2024]

good got boton get hahahha😒😒


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