Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls online game

Swords and Souls

• Published Sep 22nd, 2015 with 215628 plays
• Developer: SoulGame Studio

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Mouse = interaction, Arrow keys= training

Your task is to train your hero so that he is able to enter the arena. In the arena there will be many opponents you will have to face. You have to be really good because you don't get your life back. Don't forget to buy new abilities, new things and create your own style of game. The game brings 5 fun minigames, more than 30 levels and the survival mode.

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Menalaeus (unregistered) [10:04 Apr 24th, 2023]

It’s fine if the game crashes, just make sure it saves your progress right before, and you should be fine. Man, this game is really, really nostalgic!

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thelonelyshadow (unregistered) [15:29 Apr 23rd, 2023]

why is your person called a hero when he only fights in a arena!😡😡😤😤

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saviru (unregistered) [06:12 May 10th, 2023]


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Dragonslayer (unregistered) [01:35 Apr 1st, 2023]

The only problem with the game is that if you play it longer than about 35 minutes or so it can lag a lot.

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voizi (unregistered) [15:40 Mar 25th, 2023]

the game never lagged on other platforms but this

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deez (unregistered) [00:02 Feb 22nd, 2023]

this game goat

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VersusLV (unregistered) [17:04 Feb 7th, 2023]

I've tried loading this game up like a hundered times and my tiny feeble brain didn't read that ruffle doesn't support this game. Kinda sad.

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thi (unregistered) [13:06 Feb 23rd, 2023]

yea that's sad 🙁

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Goku (unregistered) [14:30 Dec 18th, 2022]

Hello!, This is Goku! I recently played this game. The game is decent. There's isn't much in the game, so I want to ask you to add more ..... Well, stuff. OK?

- Son Goku

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Anonymous (unregistered) [11:30 Dec 23rd, 2022]

This game literally has a handful of stuff to do. Do you really think notdoppler is going to add anything to it whenever they literally released the sequel 3 years ago and with the fact that Adobe Flash is dead?

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Funnyman (unregistered) [11:40 Nov 21st, 2022]

Kind of sad you can't play Swords and Souls anymore, I really loved playing it when I was younger. Hopefully the Ruffle Emulator is finished soon.

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qundel (unregistered) [15:06 Nov 8th, 2022]

im so dam beacose this game got deleted forever it never come back

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KEGJFSD (unregistered) [10:01 Oct 8th, 2022]

sad that this game is dead i realy liked in when i was younger

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ajay (unregistered) [16:47 Sep 20th, 2022]

honestly used to love this game so sad how flash mucked everything up the new version is too complex loved the old simple version RIP

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sus (unregistered) [12:14 Sep 11th, 2022]

i have white screen😒

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bendover (unregistered) [21:02 Jul 28th, 2022]

Damn its really sad how you can not play this game ever again unless you buy it from steam they did this game dirty #rebirthswordsandsouls

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UncleSam (unregistered) [14:32 Dec 18th, 2022]

"We need you to bring life back to this dark and cold world."
-Uncle Sam

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lilbaby (unregistered) [07:28 Jul 26th, 2022]


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aayd (unregistered) [17:37 Jul 21st, 2022]

disappointing smh now I have to spend real money


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