Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls online game

Swords and Souls

• Published Sep 22nd, 2015 with 215628 plays
• Developer: SoulGame Studio

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Mouse = interaction, Arrow keys= training

Your task is to train your hero so that he is able to enter the arena. In the arena there will be many opponents you will have to face. You have to be really good because you don't get your life back. Don't forget to buy new abilities, new things and create your own style of game. The game brings 5 fun minigames, more than 30 levels and the survival mode.

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uye (unregistered) [20:46 May 13th, 2024]

the nostalgia is making me cry rn 😭

The player has no avatar
a_random_person (unregistered) [11:16 May 8th, 2024]

brings back memories from 2015 when i had all the gear and just beat the final boss in glad this game from my childhood is being enjoyed by others from this generation

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Mike (unregistered) [22:07 May 6th, 2024]

bro your game is so good make more please and please comment back 😄😄😄😄😄😄❤

The player has no avatar
aguy (unregistered) [00:23 Apr 29th, 2024]

donsent this game have a susecser or somthing like that

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idk2017 (unregistered) [21:57 Apr 18th, 2024]

this is just the greatest game on this site it is just so FUN!!! i cant stop playing this game

The player has no avatar
robloxplayer (unregistered) [00:10 Apr 18th, 2024]

Jacksmith and this game is my childhood

The player has no avatar
gluglo (unregistered) [16:41 Mar 29th, 2024]

honestly this is one of the greatest ideas for games ever

The player has no avatar
idk (unregistered) [10:10 Mar 13th, 2024]

best chield hood game

ilovsheep [14:50 Feb 10th, 2024]
  • 2nd favroutest game no lag great gameplay
  • nothing not a negative in sight

i love it

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Zozo (unregistered) [19:26 Jan 20th, 2024]

Cool game wish it wasn’t so laggy

Tayj [09:22 Jan 8th, 2024]

brings back memories

Zayvier [04:33 Jan 4th, 2024]

one of my childhood games

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patrickwinner [14:46 Dec 7th, 2023]

the lag is not annoying, and the game itself is cool

The player has no avatar
sadpizza (unregistered) [18:12 Nov 1st, 2023]

this game is reaily nostalge

The player has no avatar
nnn (unregistered) [23:06 Oct 12th, 2023]

better then rogue 1 but not really 2


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