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• Published Aug 27th, 2020 with 6784 plays

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  • Mouse movement
  • Left mouse button turbo

Tetrads.io is a new online game from the io category. Your objective will be to try and take over the whole arena. This time, the game will be in the style of Tetris and your objective will be to collect many types of blocks that will stick to you when you touch them. The more of them you’ll pick up, the better your chances when fighting other players. You need to take care at the start of the game, since you will be rather small your other players may be able to eliminate you quickly. When you start growing up, you may get the chance of eliminating them.

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NO SIGNAL [12:34 Mar 10th, 2021]

this game is laggy bruh

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the evle tala 2021 (unregistered) [10:48 Feb 19th, 2021]

taym to kill Hahahahaha

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ColinB (unregistered) [12:59 Oct 24th, 2020]

Very fun and addictive game!

The player has no avatar
Coolio (unregistered) [20:13 Sep 17th, 2020]

very addictive for such a simple game

i keep coming back to it like every day :D

The player has no avatar
vvv (unregistered) [14:05 Sep 9th, 2020]

this is a boy game?

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Neptune (unregistered) [15:07 Aug 27th, 2020]

next viral hit right here boys. strap in.

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zack (unregistered) [12:43 Aug 27th, 2020]

fun game!

(_DEADCATSIS_) [10:41 Aug 27th, 2020]



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