Toon Cup 2020

Toon Cup 2020 online game

Toon Cup 2020

• Published Jun 16th, 2020 with 13682 plays
• Developer: Cartoon Network

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  • Spacebar shot / pass
Toon Cup 2020 is the next installment of this popular series where you'll be playing football with your favorite animated characters. Right at the beginning you can pick a country that you'll be playing as. After that you can pick 3 characters that you’ll have on your team. The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy team and win all of the races in the tournament. You will be gaining points for this and you will be able to unlock new characters, stadiums and balls for these points. So try to be the best!

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Maywa (unregistered) [17:10 Mar 4th, 2023]

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merveillendira (unregistered) [20:05 Aug 13th, 2021]

i hate it

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135987 (unregistered) [11:16 Sep 26th, 2021]

your rite i like dis game😎

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mndir0 (unregistered) [20:04 Aug 13th, 2021]

it nice game

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yo mamma joke (unregistered) [00:11 Sep 19th, 2020]

you are gross yeeet boi

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123 (unregistered) [08:38 Jul 9th, 2020]

i wanna play this but my browser don't wanna let me

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zomds (unregistered) [13:58 Jul 6th, 2020]


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yeeet boi (unregistered) [05:09 Jun 20th, 2020]

yo poop what up

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poop (unregistered) [13:06 Jun 17th, 2020]



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