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  • Mouse shooting
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    A S D
    movement is an online version of a very well made action game where you can play either deathmatch or battle royale. The controls are very simple and the aiming is automatic, so you only need to move around and shoot at the right time. You can use bushes to your advantage where you can hide and wait for the right moment. You earn coins in the game that can be then used to buy new characters or weapons. You can also partake in the daily challenges that can be used to get rewards. So come on, let’s play!

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uyw (unregistered) [09:35 Oct 11th, 2022]

bro this game is the best!!!!!!!

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jacash (unregistered) [15:39 Sep 25th, 2022]

this game is sick it 1 out of 100 it's 100 you have to play this game 😱😎😎😎😱😱😱😃😃😱😱👍

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Reddog (unregistered) [01:39 Sep 12th, 2022]

it takes so freaking long to god damn load😡😤😩😣

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YOUareANidiotHAAHAHA (unregistered) [23:06 Sep 28th, 2022]


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12549 (unregistered) [06:05 Jun 27th, 2022]


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thisgamisdoodoo1 (unregistered) [15:59 Jun 10th, 2022]

it takes so long to load god damn

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jacash (unregistered) [15:42 Sep 25th, 2022]

no it dos not you have a ingroed boy and you now that 😵😵😱😱😱😂😂😰😱😱🔥🔥🔥 and it workekon compares and phons

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smallpp (unregistered) [05:41 Sep 29th, 2022]

such good spelling

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Jerry (unregistered) [22:47 May 12th, 2022]

This game is more suited for pc players. Stay away mobile gamers.

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jerry (unregistered) [22:45 May 12th, 2022]

Like how they use the fortnight background so its more clickbaity.

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is_the_best (unregistered) [19:47 Apr 22nd, 2022]

eddie its OK i am bad at speeling 2 but love the game😄

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eddieVR (unregistered) [14:46 Apr 15th, 2022]

its a good pirited game and yes i can't spell


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