Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss online game

Whack Your Boss

• Published Apr 3rd, 2022 with 14368 plays
• Developer: Tom Winkler

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  • Mouse interaction
Whack Your Boss is a brutal, but still fun game where you are faced with your mean boss who demands you complete a few boring tasks. But you’ve had enough of his attitude and decide that it’s about time to whack him. Search your workplace for ways of killing, maiming or simply hurting your boss during work hours. Enjoy the weird and sadistic ways of disposing of your boss. Sadly for your character, this will make him a murderer, so it will be the last thing he’ll do at this, or for that matter any workplace.

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ambush (unregistered) [23:07 Feb 18th, 2024]

fr i love this game

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noteh (unregistered) [07:16 Feb 4th, 2024]

bro why is he stupid😶

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PipiUmdKaki (unregistered) [12:22 May 1st, 2023]

hella satisfying i recomend u to play this

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you (unregistered) [23:37 Mar 25th, 2023]


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Certifiedwxrld (unregistered) [14:29 Mar 22nd, 2023]


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lynn (unregistered) [00:34 Jan 1st, 2023]


hectjohn479 [10:07 Jun 2nd, 2022]

i love this game like lol

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breezie (unregistered) [10:26 Sep 20th, 2022]

same it so satisfying lol

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yourmom (unregistered) [14:39 Oct 8th, 2022]


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