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Registration: Apr 22nd, 2022
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• comment on Decision 3

good game but has a lotta problems

• comment on Decision Medieval

well its still playable though it works ok for me

• comment on Zombotron Re-Boot

great game! just like zombotron steam!😄

• comment on Arsenal Online

those things are hard to destroy as you survive for a long time in war

• comment on Arsenal Online

did you destroy any drones,harriers or quad runners?

Last played
Imposter 3D: Online Horror online game

90% 8.7k plays

Imposter 3D: Online Horror

Garry's Mod online game

82% 22.5k plays

Garry's Mod

Playground Parkour online game

85% 682 plays

Playground Parkour

Decision Medieval online game

91% 23.5k plays

Decision Medieval

Decision 3 online game

92% 18.4k plays

Decision 3

Decision 2: New City online game

94% 11.1k plays

Decision 2: New City

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Avro [12:43 Mar 9th, 2024]
really wanted to have some friends...
Avro [12:43 Mar 9th, 2024]
okay its another day in my lonely chat...😔😔😔
Avro [03:01 Dec 8th, 2023]
I am lonely 😢😢😢 I have no friends in the gaming website...
Avro [06:47 Aug 29th, 2023]
life is like a flute it may have many holes and emptyness but if you work hard on it you can play magical melodies🎶🎶🎶