Haunt the House

Haunt the House online game

Haunt the House

• Published Jun 13th, 2023 with 60619 plays
• Developer: SFB Games

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Haunt the House is a funny game where you, as a ghost, can have some spooky fun with unwanted house guests. Your mission is to scare away 30 pesky intruders who have invaded your home by possessing everyday objects. Get ready to unleash your ghostly powers and send shivers down their spines!

About the game

With Haunt the House, you have the ability to take control of various items and use them to create a chilling atmosphere. Imagine possessing the chandelier and making it dance and flicker, creating an eerie spectacle. Or, why not inhabit a mirror and reveal a demonic visage that will send shivers down everyone's spine? You can even manipulate dolls to walk and fly on their own, or bring paintings to life, turning them into portals of terror.

How to posses object?

To possess an object in Haunt the House, simply press the space bar. In an instant, you can transform yourself into any item within the house, giving you the power to strike fear into the hearts of each and every intruder. It's your chance to make their blood run cold and chase them off your property for good. So get ready to embrace your ghostly abilities and show those unwanted guests who's boss in Haunt the House.

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Kierra123 [17:58 Apr 10th, 2024]

I remember playing this game years ago. It's a part of my childhood now lol 🙂

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marter (unregistered) [15:02 Apr 14th, 2024]

this was my childhood

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fidelini (unregistered) [21:54 Apr 2nd, 2024]

solo me aparece una pantalla en negro con musica

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Maryam (unregistered) [12:57 Mar 29th, 2024]

How to download thes game

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Noon (unregistered) [05:04 Mar 23rd, 2024]

I loved playing this game before Adobe Flash died, good to see a pretty good version of it here -- if a bit laggy but i know that cant be helped since its a pretty old game. Thanks for letting me relive the joy this game gave me!!

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zhi-yang (unregistered) [07:17 Feb 16th, 2024]

this game gave me so much land fix this frinking game!!!!!!!

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zhi-yang (unregistered) [07:17 Feb 16th, 2024]


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killer (unregistered) [18:58 Dec 3rd, 2023]

kill them all now

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Rayna (unregistered) [04:25 Nov 25th, 2023]

Hi! this game is really cute but laggy😅

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vanillacupcake (unregistered) [23:20 Sep 11th, 2023]

cute but kinda laggy

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Vxsya (unregistered) [09:09 Aug 28th, 2023]

its just pure black screen with a music

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y6f6 (unregistered) [09:45 Aug 15th, 2023]

it takes lond

The player has no avatar
Donyas (unregistered) [13:51 Jun 19th, 2023]

kill them all


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