Decision Medieval

Decision Medieval online game

Decision Medieval

• Published May 10th, 2014 with 23162 plays

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mouse = interaction

A shadow falls upon the land. Every 500 years, an ancient curse reawakens the restless dead, and a ravenous zombie horde threatens to engulf your kingdom. As their champion, you must rise to the challenge!

Recruit brave villagers, strategize your defenses, and build towering fortifications to withstand the undead onslaught. But the threats go beyond mindless zombies. Cunning goblins and razor-sharp canines lurk in the shadows, each demanding unique tactics to overcome.

Master the art of fast-paced action! With a simple tap or click, unleash devastating attacks and defend your realm. Hire a trusty ranged companion to bolster your firepower, and hone your own skills to become a legendary hero.

Can you withstand the relentless waves of enemies and secure your kingdom's future? Play now and discover your legend in this thrilling tower defense epic!

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syed (unregistered) [09:33 Mar 20th, 2024]

man when im playing loading screen load but i cant play

Avro [03:57 Mar 7th, 2024]

well its still playable though it works ok for me

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lilsiu (unregistered) [13:09 Mar 6th, 2024]


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bruh (unregistered) [20:07 Feb 27th, 2024]

this game is so buggy i can't even play the entire game and not even that but when ever i start a game MY CHARACTER IS STUCK OUTSIDE OF THE MAP AND I CANT EVEN MOVE AND THIS HAPPENED 5 TIMES IN A ROW

The player has no avatar
whatever (unregistered) [13:09 Mar 6th, 2024]


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indianboii (unregistered) [02:16 Nov 21st, 2023]

bruh my game is stuck on 100% really wanted to play it ;(

Marty [07:47 Feb 16th, 2024]

try it again

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zaeddy (unregistered) [12:53 Oct 15th, 2023]

aaah reminds my childhood i have been searchin for this a game a while

The player has no avatar
bot (unregistered) [09:02 Sep 29th, 2023]

Come on! After a long time I've found this and its not loading?? God give me a break...

The player has no avatar
jokjok (unregistered) [11:33 Nov 3rd, 2022]

black screen bruh . now, im really mad!👿😡

The player has no avatar
idk (unregistered) [20:04 Feb 27th, 2024]

dude you gotta wait for it then it will work

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