JustFall.LOL GamePlay

JustFall.LOL GamePlay

JustFall.LOL GamePlay


• Published Mar 13th, 2021 with 10932 views
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JustFall online game

86% 28.5k plays


Gameplay from game JustFall.LOL
Choose the color of your character and enter your amazing name. Play with other players around the world and try not to fall off the platform.


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Minimum number of characters: 3

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firedemon (unregistered) [20:09 Nov 3rd, 2022]

😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 funny😎😎😎 nice but fall means die😭😭😭

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eww (unregistered) [20:56 May 2nd, 2022]

yes i love the fire on this game bro its sick like totes bro
the good thing is my internet is like good so like yeah i could play this game
for eva like yes dude hah save the turtle like yeah so yes fire

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suckmadick (unregistered) [12:12 Feb 13th, 2022]

nice game u have there equals trash

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love (unregistered) [11:28 Jan 24th, 2022]

this game is cool

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pro sandro gamer (unregistered) [15:07 Jun 15th, 2021]



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