Level Up Runner Gameplay | Increase Your Level and K.O. The Boss

Level Up Runner Gameplay | Increase Your Level and K.O. The Boss

Level Up Runner Gameplay | Increase Your Level and K.O. The Boss


• Published Jan 13th, 2024 with 47 views
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Level Up Runner online game

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Level Up Runner

Level Up Runner is a thrilling 3D action game that lets you punch with style. Customize your fighter and make a statement! Flaunt your power by adorning your fists with enemy skulls or get playful with beachball boxing gloves. Wear a viking helmet or a cowboy hat – the choice is yours! Strike fear into your foes with your unique appearance. As your enemies grow wary of your strength, they'll lay traps, use poison, and send their strongest fighters to stop you. Stay sharp! Outsmart these obstacles to secure victory. Remember, the cake may seem tempting, but it's laced with poison. Engage your brain, overcome challenges, and triumph in Level Up Runner!


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