Vex 8 Gameplay

Vex 8 Gameplay

Vex 8 Gameplay


• Published Oct 18th, 2023 with 147 views
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Vex 8 online game

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Vex 8

Vex 8 Gameplay
Get ready for the super-duper, all-new Vex 8! It’s the latest adventure in the famous Vex series, and it’s all about being super fast, skilled, and super clever. You’ll jump and run through lots of cool obstacles, like those tricky red-green light traps.

There are nine exciting acts to explore, and guess what? You can even find hidden secret spots to collect awesome trophies! Plus, there’s a brand new mode called “infinite mode.” How far do you think you can go without getting caught by the obstacles? It’s going to be a fantastic challenge!
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