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Goodgame Empire online game

Goodgame Empire

• Published Aug 27th, 2011 with 1799363 plays
• Developer: Goodgame Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
A great MMO strategy ⚔️ in which you try to control your own empire. The task will be to dominate the other kingdoms. The only downside is that you have to create an account. Then of course you start from scratch with a small castle and a few serfs. Your task will be to gradually build more buildings and thus secure the income that will be necessary for further development. You can also expand your empire to new regions on the map. You can also buy various cosmetic accessories.
In the game, it is also possible to make alliances with other players and join forces against enemies. If you decide to play alone, you can be easy prey for other players. So it's ideal to call a friend and play together.
Thanks to this cooperation, you will have a better chance in the fights themselves, where you will fight for dominance. It is good to come up with the right strategy, but also to buy as many units as possible. The game offers more than 50 of them, so you will definitely have plenty to choose from.
We have made a video for you, in which you can watch the first 30 minutes of playing the game.


  • You will build a large empire from a small village
  • The game is played by millions of players with whom you can fight or cooperate
  • Lots of battle units and cosmetic accessories to buy
  • The game is free and is also available on mobile
Goodgame Empire Gameplay Walkthrough


Goodgame Empire Gameplay Walkthrough

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azz (unregistered) [11:14 Mar 5th, 2022]


Marty [11:58 Mar 5th, 2022]

it is not

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tnat (unregistered) [19:54 Feb 11th, 2022]

it is like the name'

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Fox (unregistered) [17:42 Jan 18th, 2022]

This is my first time playing this game

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pro (unregistered) [10:53 Dec 30th, 2021]

I can beat this game on computer but not iPhone.

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los123 (unregistered) [21:51 Dec 26th, 2021]

5 hours play level 4

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los123 (unregistered) [17:01 Dec 21st, 2022]

I have been playing for about 2 hours. Lvl 10. I guess its just a skill difference, also me actually doing quests than just beating up every low-level castle you see

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Moreno (unregistered) [10:59 Dec 13th, 2021]

The winer is here so Don't fear.

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Zach (unregistered) [08:06 Dec 10th, 2021]

it's a little like LOL

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LordofBaldarett (unregistered) [20:42 Nov 26th, 2021]

4 hours of play at level 3. Only to get a very small handful of resources that are also insufficient to improve something, taking into account the maximum number of resource buildings that the small place of the kingdom allows 😅 very disappointing when someone attacks this small kingdom , its power is too insignificant for a player with some honor to care but there are always scavengers. Developer, your game is good at graphics and story, but it fails to obtain resources which is a shame because it forces you to quit the game because a person cannot spend all their time on something as stupid as obtaining such slight resources after being present for so many hours, take my comment into account. Kind regards The Lord of Baldarett!

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greatben13 (unregistered) [14:10 Nov 26th, 2021]

I am ame trading food

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nono (unregistered) [22:44 Nov 22nd, 2021]

It is fun ti play😃

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fox945 (unregistered) [17:18 Mar 4th, 2022]

good game😇😇😇😇😇😏😏😏😑😑😷😷🙀🙀🙀😱😱😱😱😱

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RidinDirty (unregistered) [21:00 Nov 17th, 2021]

Yo, this game rules. It is bussing. Lol, My name is RidinDirty I am on server USA1 so if you are there to I dunno, become my friend. I am in FREE and HUNTER. (weak alliance) But I have been in strong ones. You can be my allie if you please. 😊

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SAN (unregistered) [04:14 Oct 26th, 2021]

it take long to wort

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ThanosSmellsBad (unregistered) [22:07 Oct 17th, 2021]

It's super fun! I love the content and art! I wish I can get rubies quicker! 😁😂

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ratt1snake (unregistered) [12:59 Oct 17th, 2021]

i love this game😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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fox945 (unregistered) [17:19 Mar 4th, 2022]

me 2

The player has no avatar
ratt1snake (unregistered) [12:58 Oct 17th, 2021]

so fun


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