Lif Serengetti

Lif Serengetti online game

Lif Serengetti

• Published Oct 29th, 2013 with 318361 plays


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  • Up
    Left Down Right
  • X attack / feeding
  • L attack / love
  • Spacebar jump
  • Esc menu

Today, here we still have the sequel of the popular 3D game where you run around the country with animals, earn points and try to survive as long as possible. In the first sequel you lived in the woods and you could be transformed into a wolf, deer and the like. This time we move on the African savannah, where you can expect wild animals, crocodiles, baboons and other exotic creatures.
Developer is Gamevial
All rights belong to Gamevial

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Lif online game

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HELP (unregistered) [17:44 Apr 22nd, 2019]

Do any of you know how to change your animal in a computer?

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:.*~Whisper~*.: (unregistered) [13:27 Apr 25th, 2019]

you have to find a totem, at the top there is an animals head stand by it for a few seconds, you can be different kinds of animals depending on the habbitat your in 😉

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animal queen 133 (unregistered) [06:19 Apr 11th, 2019]

i love this game but iv seen that the crew is not keeping there promises on this iv seen all the games they have made so they are lying to us they are not working on it they are doing other games witch is very irresponsible

Marty [06:42 Apr 11th, 2019]

you know nothing honey

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ohh (unregistered) [10:32 Apr 10th, 2019]

when the game will be complet

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tlc (unregistered) [11:18 Mar 20th, 2019]

how do you turn into a lion 🙁

Marty [12:13 Mar 20th, 2019]

find lion totem

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Marbas (unregistered) [08:47 Feb 27th, 2019]

Ummm i can't attack any animals and get thirsty too fast or it's just me?

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Marshmallow the Unicorn (unregistered) [22:02 Feb 23rd, 2019]

This game is good, but it is easy to get attacked. I was a fox in the forest, looking for danger, saw a bear, backed away, but it thankfully didn't see me. Then, out of nowhere, a wolf starts attacking me. I tried to fight back, but I died. I then played in desert mode, killed a fennec fox because I was really hungry, and then decided to be a crow so i could fly around. How come the birds loose hunger and thirst so quickly? The other animals don't seem to. Oh, and also, is the game pronounced as "lyf" or "life"? And another issue is all the time the bird I'm playing as or even another animal will stop moving.

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cardi b (unregistered) [17:20 Feb 22nd, 2019]

heeey its your girl cardi 😛

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Xxsuprise attackxX (unregistered) [16:30 Feb 20th, 2019]

it wont worrk 🙁

The player has no avatar
xDeltax (unregistered) [12:01 Feb 15th, 2019]

Always Errors Oof.. But the game is very good 🙂

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Someone (unregistered) [07:11 Feb 9th, 2019]

I don't know what happend but I could place meat and plants etc.

The player has no avatar
popularMMO (unregistered) [20:09 Feb 5th, 2019]

add maybe some more animals and do multiplayer dude lol

The player has no avatar
sir cupcake (unregistered) [07:23 Feb 4th, 2019]

what happened to the crow? marty can u give the crow a texure cuz i cant see myself when im a crow

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Tusiol (unregistered) [06:59 Jan 31st, 2019]

Why is CTRL not an animal that eats, drinks or attacks?

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yeeee (unregistered) [23:48 Jan 29th, 2019]

loads too slowly i need to get to sleep at nine its eight forty six! if u can, please fix. thank you 🙂

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [03:03 Jan 30th, 2019]

Maybe fix your mindset and think about getting a better computer and internet provider instead. Thank you!

Try changing browsers, and or computers, thanks.

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Cedric (unregistered) [18:23 Jan 26th, 2019]

Hey Marty can you make it so that the animals in single mode can attack eachother?


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