The Island Survival

The Island Survival online game

The Island Survival

• Published Jul 23rd, 2019 with 93761 plays

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  • Mouse attack
  • W
    A S D
  • E interaction
  • Shift run
  • I inventory
  • 1 || 9 change tool
  • P pause
The Island Survival is an action online game where you’ll be fighting for your life. You find yourselves alone in a small hut in the middle of nowhere. If you want to survive, you’ll have to find food and secure all of the resources you need to survive. You’re lucky, since there’s a ton of wild-life running around. It’s not always easy to hunt them down, but if you want to eat, you’ll have to try. You can also gather resources that you find on the ground. You can make tools out of them and build defenses and other structures. During the day, the surroundings are safe, but during night time, you better run hide in your hut, else feral animals might hunt you down. Enjoy this great game, where you’ll be playing on a deserted island!

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attieboy (unregistered) [14:48 Mar 14th, 2024]

all of these games I've played are just super chill just like this one😄😃

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JASE (unregistered) [16:33 Jan 14th, 2024]


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jase (unregistered) [16:42 Jan 9th, 2024]

evre time I come out of the house I git cild buy a wolf and it is a good game😡😡

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David (unregistered) [07:23 Nov 10th, 2023]

i'll find a cave then turn into a bunker😎😎

Nakeja [08:19 Oct 3rd, 2023]

where can i safe

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shishcabob_queen1 (unregistered) [15:04 Jul 25th, 2023]

Im sorry but i dont like the game otherwise you did a great job making the game

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Survivalist (unregistered) [12:23 Jul 24th, 2023]

Great game, had hours of fun, when you figure out how to collect water and find the secret areas it unlocks even more fun.

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SagGirl (unregistered) [15:53 Jun 12th, 2023]

This kinda **** because I can't even craft water!! Pls fic this problem😓

The player has no avatar
SADGIRL [18:31 Jun 11th, 2023]

the game can't save the data we played on so it's not that good...
Pls fix this problem ://

The player has no avatar
Kelloartnet (unregistered) [22:53 Apr 1st, 2023]

so confushiong i dont/can't move !!! [🙁 #MAD #UGLY GAME

sniper Myth
sniper Myth [12:28 Apr 12th, 2023]

ooof u need a mouse there wasd

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idkidontknowlol123 (unregistered) [15:48 Feb 4th, 2023]

when i pressed Esc button on my keyboard and clicked add all items to invetory every item was 64 stacked and then a wolf spawned infront of me at night time i couldnt see since it was dark but then i saw the damn wolf so ran away from it then came back to the house then i killed while being inside the house cus the wolfs head was sticking inside the house so decided to use my stone spear since it cant attack me hahahaha try killing me now you dumb wolf!😎😎😎

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Mudit (unregistered) [07:01 Jan 29th, 2023]

How to drink water ?

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noahhh (unregistered) [10:35 Jan 13th, 2023]

HI I WANT YOU TO MAKE a game called lost land where you mine trees ores and build a castle and get storage by coins you can get coins by daily reward farms or secrets

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lordofwar1 [09:27 Feb 9th, 2023]

Sounds like a game called vallhem

The player has no avatar
bruh (unregistered) [15:53 Jan 12th, 2023]

if u press pause and than press add all items to inventory it will give you all kinds of cool things even if you dont have those things it gave me a rifle

The player has no avatar
Arianna (unregistered) [19:28 Dec 14th, 2022]



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